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SEO and Social Media Strategies for Professionals

Search engine optimization has always been a difficult field to choose after the Panda and Penguin updates. And now its necessary to have a strong domain knowledge before you implement anything. Lets look at some of the things that’s gonna help you in the year 2016 and 2017:

Focus Area: Content Marketing

content marketing 2017

Instead of the usual Keyword research, you should expand the scope for the content writers and search through the web, news and tools like Buzz sumo to collect concepts, topics and popular searches. Aggregate the whole keyword research and filter out according to the volume and competitions.

Create pages to target intent, and plan ongoing content efforts with more competitive & temporally demanding KWs.
We will leverage platforms such as Vine and YouTube more to quickly create video content to reach audiences in real-time.

With social media playing an important role now and social signal values, we will be working on the landing pages with social media in mind – Share, Tweet, Likes, Comments on relevant landing pages.

LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Content

  • Impact in Search Engine Optimization

With this search methodology, you will be able to rank for prominent keywords that are searched usually by people and as well as get the rankings up for the prominent money making keywords. Work on Landing Pages, Blogs through Meta Tags, CTA’s, keywords updation and measure improvements.


Focus Area: Brand Building and Link Earning

how to build brands using seo

Instead of working on direct keywords, we will be working on domain level keywords and reach out to audience through Social Media and work on profiles like Wikipedia, Reddit, About, Forums, Quora that fetch us quality links and authority as well.

Signing up on new platforms via your Brand name as the user ID and digging out deeper and finding out the ID’s that were already in place as multiple ID’s creates confusion.

Participating in groups, blogs and QnA’s etc and posting relevant comments as comment marketing will take another road in 2015. Rest, the breakdown has been shared that lists out activities that will be performed.

After the Blog and Bolt Merge takes place, we will be revamping the site and customize it accordingly so that users can participate and share relevant posts with others through there profiles, resulting in increased sessions. Topics would be picked up according to the above explained strategy.

  • Impact – Link Earning

Link earning and brand building will fetch you improved ranking results and people will start recommending your brand as there will be an outreach through brand building and changes in the landing pages.

The leads that we have through this campaign will be quality leads thus we will be having a better conversion rate.


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