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How to Write SEO Friendly Meta Descriptions?

Meta Tags are indeed the most important and relevant tags, where the stress is given on Keywords. Keywords like “Search Engine Optimization”, “Online Shopping” etc, there are categories of these keywords as well – Short Tail Keywords and Long Tail Keywords. We will learn about them as well, but lets see how keywords help:

The Book definition,

What is Metadata ?
“Information about data”, Meta elements are typically used to depict the page’s description and keywords, so always write a description that is related to the theme of your website/page. The metadata is used by the web browser, ideally depending upon the search, Keywords play a big role here,

To site an example here,
meta description in seo


This information above is not displayed on the page, it comes up in the search results. If you look at the description of the above mentioned example you will see that the stress is on Keywords like “Online Shopping” “Mobile Phones” . These are the highly searched keywords (Check them using the Keyword Tool). Please note if you stuff such high traffic fetching keywords unnecessarily, it would go the other way round for you. Instead of Getting your Page Rank Higher, it will fall down. Such is the new algorithm implemented by Google (“PANDA EFFECT).


Gone are the days when people used to over stuff keywords and get ranked higher, now you will have to carefully embed keywords. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to get highly searched keywords. Adding description meta tags to each web page is always a good practice.

  • Avoid using a single description meta tag across all your web pages.
  • Write a description keeping in mind that user would be informed and intrested to come on your website.
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