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Project Description

Project Description

I need a SEO Migration Plan.

For instance, if we had a WordPress site at domain.com with a page called domain.com/page.htm

We are now designing a different WordPress theme with a different URL structure. So the new page is something like domain.com/keyword/newpage.htm

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Need SEO Migration Plan for WordPress (baseline + 301 redirect, etc.)

And It Should Be …

A Detailed Guide

Team Members
Days of Production
Cups of Coffee
Current Downloads


I need someone with good experience doing this that understands best practices. Please don’t reply telling me you can get me good ranking on search engines. This project is not about getting good rankings. We already have good rankings and want to make sure we don’t lose much when we migrate to a new site design.


What was delivered was not what I was expecting. Partially, this is because my project was hard to describe well and somewhat open to interpretation. He re-did the project to better meet our needs.