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Project Description

Project Brief

A boutique real estate agency with a fairly ambitious approach to Facebook advertising. They had some good results and believed with a better configuration of their pixel and campaigns they could get a much better return on investment.

So essentially they needed some assistance in working with the pixel and audiences to remarket the audiences and gain more leads.

The Challenge

An account already setup which was delivering very good leads in the past but stopped delivering quality leads off late. The remarketing list was built but wasn’t growing and had implementation issues.

The Solution

Audience segmentation, demographics filtration and then working out on different campaigns to test the account. Once we had the performing segment, the next step was to push the campaign and get quality leads which was done in 2 weeks time.

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Account Analysis

Pixel Audit and Implementation

Account Optimization

Brand Strategy

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

It was hard to find someone who not only knew more than we did, as we are quite proficient at what we do, but that could articulate what we needed and make us see it. We are happy with the work done.