How to Remove Rust from Knives with Baking Soda

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How to Remove Rust from Knives with Baking Soda

We’re going to present some fast and effective ways to remove rust from your Knights blade. Hang around until the end to find out how to quickly restore your blades original luster with just a few easy steps. We’ll also get a few tips from our experts along the way it happens to the best of us. You grab your favorite knife and pull it from a sheet only to find it covered in rust rust is an iron oxide that forms on steel in the presence of water or even moisture in the air and if you live in a humid or coastal area your knife is more susceptible to rust with all that moisture in the air working in the rain or cutting damp or wet wood are also contributing factors look for.

Remove Rust from Knife using a Cloth

Learn how to prevent your knife from rusting when in the field. Carry a compact and lightweight microfiber cloth to wipe down your knife blade after each use. Even something as simple as wiping excess moisture from your blade onto a tee shirt or pants leg helps.

How to remove Rust from Knife using Baking Soda

There are several rust removal and polishing products on the market that remove rust however a pinch of baking soda and water can get the job done. Begin by pouring a fair amount of baking soda into a container or onto a paper towel add a small amount of water and stir until it becomes a paste for light rusting or newly formed rust liberally.

Apply the paste onto the rusted areas of the blade and scrub with a toothbrush for severe cases use steel wool in addition to the paste always use caution when using an abrasive material. To remove rust from your knife blade pressing too hard could scratch the blade to lower the risk use a slightly less abrasive scrubbing pad be careful when scrubbing rust off your blade.

You may need to apply heavy pressure at times and a slip could result in an injury. We recommend wearing a good pair of gloves when performing knife maintenance and don’t let the steel wool come into contact with the edge of your night as this will dull your edge for heavily rusted blades apply lubricating oil to the affected areas.

Let stand for a few minutes before scrubbing with steel wool once you’ve removed the rush from your blade go ahead and add another coat of oil and let it set this allows the oil to fill in the pores of the steel then wipe the blade clean keep in mind that a stainless steel knife is only rust resistant not rust proof although a stainless steel or powder coated knife requires less oily.

It’s good practice to regularly wipe down your knife with a coat of oil and inspect the blade for any signs of rust there you have it a quick effective way of removing rust from a blade to keep your knife looking and cutting sharp rusting can happen to any knife even when using proper knife maintenance techniques happily if taken care of in a timely manner there is no permanent damage to learn other knife maintenance tips and tricks.

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