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How to get your Video Transcripts from Youtube

Today we will show you how to get your video transcripts from youtube without having to type them out by hand. So why is this important well if you’re trying to rank a video in either youtube or google search engines it looks at a number of factors to determine what your video is about and one of those factors is your video description.

Video Transcripts in Youtube

I always recommend actually just typing out your video transcript and pasting it in here because it’s the best way to tell what your video is about right so getting that and typing it out you can either hire someone to do which is going to cost you money or you can do yourself which is going to take a lot of time.

There’s a little hack about how you can actually get youtube to do the work for you so i’m gonna show you exactly how to do that right now first thing you need is Firebug this is a firefox and chrome plugin.

You need to install by going to Firebug, it’s a free plug-in you can just click here to install it and then once you have installed you’re going to:

  • Head over to youtube click on the video that you want to get the transcript from.
  • Go up to tools and then web developer > click fire bug and then open fire bug in the browser.
  • Now after you do that refresh your browser real quick just to pull it through again and you’re going to let the video play for a couple of seconds until the text starts and then pause the video and click on CC.
  • This is closed caption and this is what google will read it.
  • Using the search panel type in “timed tech”, now click the little down arrow and get to the second instance, then you’re just going to right-click on it open a new tab and there you go here’s your video transcript so as you can see it’s a little bit rough it’s written in HTML.
  • All you got to do is copy it and paste it you can you can use Excel to cut out some of this stuff if you’re familiar where they sell if not it’s a lot easier to actually just delete the extra garbage is then to actually type it out so there you go guys it’s really that simple.
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