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Freelancer Employer Orientation Exam Answers

Question 1. What is the monthly bid limit for a Premium member?
Answer: $15

Question 2. Can a freelancer bid on a project that’s posted as Private?
Answer: Yes as long as he has enough bids

Question 3. How many services can a freelancer place on Premium membership?
Answer: 50

Question 4. Are freelancers permitted to contact employers outside
Answer: Yes it is essential for them

Question 5. How many employer followings can a premium member have?
Answer: Unlimited

Question 6. Bids Per Month for a Premium Member?
Answer: 1500

Question 7. Bids Per Month for a Basic Member?
Answer: 50

Question 8. How much credit does a free exam reward cost?
Answer: 100

Question 9. What advantage does passing exams offer a freelancer?
Answer: The employer can see the profeciency at glance

Question 10. What action should a freelancer take if an employer cancels a Milestone Payment before the project deadline?
Answer: File a dispute

Question 11. How much commission will be deducted from a Premium member’s account for a Fixed price project awarded at a bid of $100.00?
Answer: $3.00

Question 12. How many portfolio slots do standard members have?
Answer: 10

Question 13. Are freelancers permitted to contact employers outside
Answer: Yes

Question 14. What is the maximum time that a freelancer is supposed to take on a project?
Answer: Dependes on Freelancer

Question 15. How many contest can the standard freelancer participate in the month?
Answer: No limit

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