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Double Click for Publishers – Google DFP Tutorial

Google Double Click for Publishers earlier known as Google Dart is an advertising platform that helps you streamline your ad management on websites, mobile apps, games or even a combination at absolutely no cost.

You can simply click here to login into your DFP account or sign up for a new DFP account.

Double Click for Publisher – How to Start?

Setting up Inventory in DFP account

  • Now move to Generate Tags on the left sidebar
    – Search your Ad unit created in step 1
    – Hit Include
    – Click on Generate Tag
    – Select Tag Type, continue
    – Copy, Paste the Head Code
    – Place the Ad unit code where you need to display the Ad
  • Click on the Inventory tab at the top,
    – Create Ad Units
    – Define Name
    – Define size – custom and fixed
    – Define Target Window
    – Define Refresh Rate – No refresh and refresh after 10 seconds (changes banner every 10 seconds)
  • Now click on the Inventory tab again,
    – Move to Placements on the left sidebar
    – Grouping of ad units (optional) at one place, ex: Cricket, Basketball ad units in one group – sports
    – An optional field

Managing Orders in Double Click

  • Now move to Orders
    – Order (Who, Ex: Company) includes -> Line item (How, when and Where) and Creatives (What)
    – Click on Create a new order
    – Enter the Name, Advertiser (Can be your website name/company name)
    – Trafficker – Person Managing the order, should be assinged when the DFP account access is with multiple users.
  • Creating a line item
    – Enter the Name of the line item and select the desired size from the drop down
    – When you move to settings, you need to select the delivery priority which can be selected from the below options

    • Standard
    • Sponsorship
    • Network
    • Bulk
    • Price Priority
    • House
    • Click Tracking only

Note: You can read in detail about the above delivery priorties from here

  • You need to set the Priority: High, Normal, Low based on the delivery method you choose from the above step
  • Set the campaign Start Time and End Time
  • Set the quantity to impression or clicks

Now when you move to Adjust delivery, you will find below options,

  • Set the Deliver Impressions to evenly, frontloaded or as fast as possible to exhaust your campaign (Read more here)
  • The set the Rotate creatives to Optimized, Evenly, Weighted or Sequential (in case you have multiple banners running)
  • Set the Date and Time for the campaign
  • Frequency per user (1 impression banner and the banner changes)

Last but not the least, you have the Add targeting option, where you need to set the filters on which the ads would be displayed,

  • Create campaign based on geography, devices, connection (Read more here)
  • Finally move to creatives and upload the banner
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